This page is dedicated to sharing individual testimonials to God’s healing power.  Please feel free to share your experience, strength and hope at the end of this page.

I began coming to the Garden of the Lambs after reading of it in the paper. In 1999 I learned my first grandchild was expected by a woman my son had gotten pregnant. I worried that she might abort the baby or my son not marry her. Every time I visited Our Lady’s Shrine I felt such peace. She gave me the space & time to let go & let God work his miracles. The baby was born healthy. Her mother & my son married and gave her a loving home. I thank Mary and her Garden of Lambs for the peace of mind to trust in Jesus’care. What a blessing our grandaughter turned out to be!

Patricia Linkous

In 1995, the dreadful diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was uttered from my oncologist. To make matters worse he said that it was in the 4th stage. After all chemo treatments the abdominal tumor (size of small football) hadn’t changed in size. I was given 6 months to live and couldn’t believe I could have this @ 42! My daughter gave me some water from OLTS along with a miraculous medal. After my wife placed the water on my stomach, I immediately felt a burning sensation. I called my oncologist the day after and went in for a follow up appt. After a routine CT, he called me back to say that my tumor shrank 80% and that he didn’t have any medical explanation for the decrease in size! After completing a bone marrow transplant weeks later, all that remains is scar tissue! I have been cancer free for 19 years!

Rick B