Our Lady of Toledo Shrine was established back in 1992. Marvel “Sally” Steadman received inspiration from the Blessed Mother in Oct 1992 while she was recovering from back surgery at St. Luke’s Hospital. She was compelled to purchase the Gradel Estate in Oregon, OH and started Our Lady of Toledo Shrine. The property was acquired in 1997 and is truly a peaceful place of reconciliation and healing for women and men who have been involved with abortion.


Where healing begins….. Our Lady of Toledo Shrine is a place of healing and reconciliation. A peaceful sanctuary for all denominations to come and seek both spiritual and physical healing, especially mothers and fathers who have been involved with abortion. A quiet setting where those who are suffering can reconcile with God and the little one they gave up on that dreadful day.

Healing Well

In the center of the property is a healing well. Countless visitors have filled jugs with the water from the well, and many have written testimonies of physical and spiritual miracles. Burdens have been lifted, cancer has been cured, addictions have ceased and much more has been authenticated by personal testimonials.